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Ethereum Futures Launched

London-based cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto Facilities has announced the launch of Ethereum futures contracts (ETH). Operations with new derivative contracts started on Friday.

According to the representatives of the company, investors will be able to open both long and short positions on an adjustable platform that will expand the investment opportunities and manage risks more effectively.

“Ether is the second most liquid cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, trading in the billions of dollars daily, and we are excited to be launching ETH futures. The Ethereum network is the pre-eminent blockchain for smart contracts, and we believe this new trading instrument will attract more investors and bring greater liquidity to the marketplace,” said Timo Schlefer, co-founder and CEO of the company.

Launching a new trading instrument has become possible thanks to the cooperation with the liquidity providers Akuna Capital and B2C2. Representatives of the British startup note that the addition of a new financial derivative will expand the range of investment opportunities and hedge risks for investors. According to the founder of B2C2 Max Bunen, Ethereum-futures will further increase liquidity in the market, allowing participants to freely exchange assets and increase their value.

Earlier Crypto Facilities has already started to provide the facility to trade futures for Bitcoin and Ripple.