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Winklevoss Brothers: Bitcoin to Grow 40-Fold

In an interview with CNBC, the famous cryptocurrency billionaires twins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss predicted that the price of the main digital currency could increase 40 times in the next 10-20 years. Thus, they estimate the future capitalization of bitcoin at $ 5 trillion. Comparing such a potential number with the capitalization of the gold market ($ 7 trillion), the Winklevoss believe that bitcoin can easily replace this traditional asset.

According to them, scarcity makes gold gold, and in this respect bitcoin might have a similar value - after all, the issue of coins is limited, and this is even better than just their lack. Users know the specific number of all existing bitcoins, and this gives credibility to this class of assets.

Also, the Winklevoss said that those who criticize bitcoin simply have not enough developed imagination - they find it difficult to imagine the use of virtual money. They note that cryptocurrencies may not be so necessary for carrying out transactions between people, but when machines-to-machines will trade economic value, there will be a real need to use the bitcoin and ethereum protocols.

Machines will not open accounts in banks, because such a system was invented even before the advent of the Internet. Driverless cars, for example, will pay bills for parking space themselves and many other gadgets will independently implement various micropayments.